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RingGirlz Defined

RingGirlz acknowledges the strength of a woman.  We're dedicated to their empowerment.  Join the movement of the 21st Century as ladies continue to define themselves!

Below there's different definitions to titles.  Are you a Diva, Diamond, a 10, Hamma, Knoc-Owt, Survivor, Shero, or are you Certified?  Of course, you can be multiple titles, so don't be shy.  Share with your family and friends on your favorite social media channel and let them know how you define yourself!

ringgirlz define yourself
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I stand with my head high. I believe in myself. I am strong and self-confident. I am Certified!

ringgirlz diamond logo

I thrive under pressure. In fact, it brings out the best in me. I am a Diamond!


ringgirlz knoc-owt logo

I'm the pure strength of a woman covered in beauty. I am a Knoc-owt!



ringgirlz diva logo

I am the center of the Universe, the woman of your dreams. Treat me right, and you'll never need a thing. I am a Diva!

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I have my own money. I'm an Entrepreneur, I am a compliment to my man. I am a Boss!

ringgirlz legend logo

I came, I saw, and I conquered. I mastered my craft and went for my dreams. I am a Legend!

ringgirlz 10 logo

I'm the center of attention. I'm the fantasy only one man can capture. I am a 10!


ringgirlz hamma logo

My soft presence intimidates the average man. My beauty causes insecurities. I am a Hamma!



ringgirlz survivor logo

I fought with pure determination. I've survived one of life's greatest battles. I am a Survivor!

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I've volunteered my life. I've served in the military, as a firefighter or in the police force. I am your Shero!

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I'm going for my dreams. I'm optimistic and driven. I am Empowered!

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I am the ruler of my own universe. I dare to spread my wings. I am a Queen!