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ringgirlz is a veteran owned business

About RingGirlz

Thank you for your interest in learning more about, the RingGirlz team--Mr. Kevin Felder, Mr. Victor Calhoun, Mrs. Rosemary Smith, Mr. Everett Smith, Mr. Jeffrey Henderson, and Mr. Jerome Hodge Jr.  These committed individuals are visionaries who believe in building up the entire community.

RingGirlz is a division of RingBoyz, and RingKidz.  These business entities are Veteran owned and operated.

The vision for RingGirlz is an empowering message that every woman can relate to in one way or another.  Some women are victims and recovering victims of different circumstances.  The RingGirlz team is dedicated to touching each of their lives while being a symbol of hope for the future.

In addition, RingGirlz is a symbol of pride for your everyday yet extraordinary women.  Life is what connects us all.  RingGirlz is a symbol of that connection among the community of women.

However, RingGirlz strongly believe that women should define themselves.  As a result, there are 12 different symbols available for women to wear to express themselves.  Each logo serves a dual representation.  There's 12 rounds in boxing which is the original sport that was a part of the original inspiration of our founder, as a result there are 12 logos with an empowering message.

Meet the team driven by a symbol for hope, and positive affirmation.  Click here to read what each symbol represents for each woman.

kevin felder ringgirlz founder and ceo

Kevin Felder | Founder, CEO

(Navy Veteran)

Kevin Felder has been in the entertainment business for over the past 40 years. His passion for product placement through music videos and sporting events has driven him throughout his entire career. Some of his notable clients are Jeffrey Henderson & the Real Entertainers and Losers. He has marketed countless concerts and sporting events. Mr. Felder is considered a pioneer in his line of work, and a proven leader.

Victor Calhoun

Founder & CEO, Battle Zone Sports

(Marine Veteran)

nancy aldredge ringgirlz director of logistics

Nancy Aldredge

RingGirlz, Director of Logistics

jeffrey henderson ringgirlz spokesman

Jeffrey Henderson

RingBoyz, Spokesman

ringgirlz rosemary smith

Rosemary Smith

RingKidz, President of Operations

Director of International Affairs

(Army Wife)

ringgirlz president everett smith

Everett Smith

RingBoyz, President of Operations

(Army Veteran)