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RingGirlz Apparel Est. 1999

Our mission is to end abuse and build the self esteem of women and children worldwide.  "Women are God's Perfect Creation"...Kevin Felder, RingGirlz Founder

What is a RingGirl?

RINGGIRLZ are the ultimate beauties who overshadow the brutality of boxing between rounds.  She is the woman every man wants, and every woman strives to be.  A Ring Girl is a survivor and champion of life's obstacles, (breast cancer, abuse, and any type of victimization).  She's more than a pretty face.  She's a fighter, and a winner who always finds a way to finish with finesse while finding a way to be sexy and beautiful in the process!!!!

She has the tenacity of a tigress and the grace of a gazelle and takes life as it comes round by round.

Whether you are BBW, Small, or petite, from the uttermost to the guttermost, a woman who wears RINGGIRLZ Apparel, is saying to the world:

"I DEFINE MYSELF, I am beautiful and strong amidst any adversity or calamity life gives me; and no matter how much I sweat,

I'm certifiably beautiful and a knock-owt."

Ringgirlz is dedicated to My Mother: Beatrice Georgiana Bradley Felder; the Ultimate Single Mother and Ring Girl. Thank you Mommy!